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Key lessons from scaling Kubernetes to 7500 nodes for AI training

Training LLM models with billions of parameters requires a large infrastructure and coordination of code across 1000s of machines. Recently OpenAI shared how they scaled Kubernetes cluster to 7500 nodes to address this challenge.


Heirarchial Consensus by Protocol Labs

Hierarchical consensus is a novel approach to blockchain scaling that centers on the concept of subnets which are organized hierarchically and can be spawned on-demand to manage new state.

Handy terminal commands

1. To give approval to open an app on MacOS that Apple is not allowing you to.

Here is the error you will see: "App name" is damaged and cannot be opened. You should move it to the bin.

Command to allow the app to be opened:

xattr -d /path/to/

IMP: Do this only for trusted apps.

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React State Management in 2023

History of React State Management

• 2013 – Introduction

• 2015 – Redux

• 2016 – MobX

• 2018 – Context

• 2019 – Hooks

• 2019 – Zustand

• 2020 – Jotai, Recoil

The future is exciting! Here's a brief summary of how we got here ⬇️


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The most common use case for transpilers is to convert code from a newer or experimental programming language to a more widely used and compatible language, so that the resulting code can run on a wider range of platforms.

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Install Playwright: Most Reliable Web Automation Tool.

We can use yarn or npm. Or Alternatively a VScode Extension can also serve the purpose.

Lets have a look how to get playwright using npm.

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Evolution of the Japanese Anime

In recent years, Japanese animation has become popular around the world. Industry veteran Yamaguchi Yasuo, who has been involved in anime production for half a century, traces the history of Japanese animation, from its birth to today.


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Good UI design needs to contain the following qualities:

1. Useful

2. Understandable

3. Aesthetically Pleasing

4. Unobtrusive

5. Accessible

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Consistency: consistency means all clients see the same data at the same time no matter which node they connect to.