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NPM stands for Node Package Manager.

It is a software registry; Open source developers from every continent use npm to share and borrow packages, and many organisations use npm to manage private development as well.

Install Playwright: Most Reliable Web Automation Tool.

We can use yarn or npm. Or Alternatively a VScode Extension can also serve the purpose.

Lets have a look how to get playwright using npm.


What it is?

Playwright is a test automation tool specifically engineered for the modern web and generally runs very quickly, even for complex testing projects.

Playwright enables reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps.

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Selenium webdriver architecture is based on client server model; where our code acts as client and asks browser drivers to work on the locators and perform the required action; Then the Browser driver directly interacts with the original browsers(the ones which we use in our day to day life); And hence we see the actions getting performed on our screens.

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One great evening that made my skills and knowledge more improvement by attending this great session by my mentor @Shalu Anand . This amazing session was on the most important and awaited topic that is Interview tips & tricks. This session made me more energized and practically that what is the real reality of the technical interview.


Yea, Selenium has a couple of limitations here, but for applications we can use #Appium; It is an #open-source tool for automating native, mobile & hybrid applications on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. These both tools can be integrated and used in a single framework. The framework which has an easy and reliable implementation is Page object Model.

Lastly, there is a limitation to this, which kind of fades away after considering it best for other use cases which is - It is exclusively for Web Based applications. i.e. we cannot automate/include other parts like OS/desktop/mobile applications in its scope.

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One of the very famous tools to automate a software (UI) is Selenium. Selenium is a set of tools combined for better integrations. Selenium web driver is a part which helps drive test automation on UI. Web driver facilitates us with traversing through the web elements in DOM and perform the required action using different scripting languages.


Testing is in a highly chaotic state, much more than how it was when Software #Development and #Testing started years ago. Functional Testers no longer believe they have a future and yet the world does need them.

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Ever wonder how most of the applications and products you use seem to work so flawlessly. Well you can thank the QA or Quality Assurance team of those products for that. QA is an important systematic process of determining whether or not the product is up to specified standards. This helps prevent product defects which cuts down cost in the long run.


"SDLC" 'Software' 'Development' 'Life' 'Cycle' All these four words signify a continuous never-ending process. And the conditions on which we particulate and implement this collectively give us the end product.