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Customer Retention- Churn Model

Implementing a client retention churn model would be wise for businesses trying to stay ahead of the curve. Utilising this powerful tool which boosts customer loyalty and enables the delivery of outstanding experiences based on real-time analytics, businesses can prevent customer churn. Don't blow this opportunity to boost business performance and get a competitive edge.


Fraud Detection

The bulk of eCommerce businesses prioritise growing their clientele and revenue. Businesses want their websites to be successful so they may accomplish their objectives. Efficiency won't be able to save the company if the organisation can't provide security.


CLV Analysis:

Utilizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) models to their full potential is essential in the ever-changing world of e-commerce. It enables companies to gain priceless customer insights, create individualized marketing plans, and increase revenue. E-commerce businesses may successfully manage consumer acquisition, and set themselves up for long-term success by forecasting future customer behavior and optimizing resources.


Choosing the Right Font: The Impact of Typography on Your Content

Whether it's a website, a brochure, or a social media post, the font you choose can make a big impact on how your content is perceived.


What is a Golden Feature?

In each particular product release, the golden feature is the feature that:

  1. Drives more value or benefits to users.
  2. Has the most potential to Wow your customers quickly.
  3. Is the core of the release and should be catchy and easy to describe.

How to write a doc for a feature/product?

The 3 Ws (and 1 H) that should be asked of every project:

  1. Who
  2. Why
  3. What
  4. How

AI hasn't become sentient yet but SOTA language models like Google's LaMDA will make you feel otherwise.