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UI/UX & Graphic Designer

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What makes a good UX Design?

The definition of a positive experience is arbitrary and varies between individuals or situations. For this reason, understanding your user is essential to the user experience design process. Even if we can only sometimes determine what constitutes a good user experience, some standards and principles can help us and serve as a guide for good UX/UI design.

Exploring and Experimenting with AI (Part-7)

Linkedin AI - Revolutionizing Messaging and Content Creation ๐Ÿš€

LinkedIn AI represents a game-changing advancement in the realm of professional networking. By integrating artificial intelligence into its messaging feature, LinkedIn has elevated the way users connect and communicate with potential contacts and recruiters.


Exploring and Experimenting with AI (Part-6)

Leonardo AI - Create stunning visual assets with AI.

It is a website that offers a creative AI image generator with a specific focus on generating game assets such as textures, objects, and concept art. It provides access to the image generator through the Leonardo dashboard on their main website, and the best part is that it is completely free to use.


Exploring and Experimenting with AI (Part-5)

Cohesive AI - Unacademy ChatGPT competitor for content creation.

Are you tired of struggling with ChatGPT prompts? Cohesive AI is an innovative platform that assists in content creation by streamlining the process and enhancing productivity. It offers handpicked curated templates to produce high-quality content more efficiently.


Exploring and Experimenting with AI (Part-4)

Quillbot AI - Summarizer Feature

QuillBot Summarizer is a free tool that can generate summaries of articles or text. The device uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to understand the context, structure, and meaning of the content. Then it generates a summary that captures the key points and message of the original text.


Exploring and Experimenting with AI (Part-3)

Tome AI and Wepix - AI Presentation Maker

Whether you're creating a business pitch, educational presentation, or any other type of slideshow, Wepik's and Tome's AI-powered PPT feature empowers you to deliver exceptional presentations with ease.

By providing a simple prompt, you can now generate presentations in a matter of minutes.

Prompt: Exploring the Latest UI/UX Trends

Tome's AI:


Wepix's AI:


Exploring and Experimenting with AI (Part-2)

AutoDraw - AI Drawing Tool

AutoDraw by Google is an AI-powered drawing tool that uses machine learning to recognize and suggest shapes and lines as you draw. It is designed to help users create drawings quickly and easily, even if they have little drawing experience or skill.


Exploring and Experimenting with AI (Part-1)

Framer AI - Website Builder

Framer has launched an incredible AI website builder tool. With just a single prompt, you can now create a fully functional website in no time.






Will Apple AR Headset Revolutionize Tech Usage? ๐Ÿš€

Apple has officially unveiled its AR Headset, and it boasts three standout features:


1. It offers the ability to fully immerse yourself in various entertainment experiences by transforming your surroundings, allowing you to enjoy games, movies, and TV shows in a highly immersive manner.

Left or Right: The Button Debate in UX Design

When it comes to user experience (UX) design, even the smallest details can make a big impact on the user's satisfaction and usability. One of the most debated details in UX design is the placement of the primary button on a user interface. Should it be on the left or right side? The answer is not simple, and there are pros and cons to each option.