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What is ASO?

"App Store Optimization", ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to improve their visibility and rankings within app stores (such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). ASO aims to increase an app's discoverability and attract more organic (non-paid) downloads


FlutterGen Code Generator

While working with flutter, to load assets in your Flutter app, you have to reference the asset using path strings, which is not safe. As a Flutter developer, you have no choice but to refer to them using strings directly in your code. Working with images, for instance, is not easy because you have to refer to them by their path string.

FlutterGen, a Flutter code generator for your assets that help remove all string-based APIs in your app.


What's New In Material 3?

In Flutter, the Material library provides developers with all the building blocks your UI needs. Since the launch of Material 3 at Google I/O 2021, the Flutter team has been updating Flutter’s Material library to support these new changes.


What are DeepLinks?

Deep links are URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) that directly point to a specific page or content within a mobile application , bypassing the home page or main landing page. They allow users to navigate directly to a particular section, feature, or piece of content within an app , enhancing the user experience and reducing friction.


State Management in Flutter Using Riverpod

Riverpod is a provider-based library that aids in predicting and effectively managing the state of your Flutter application.

It is compile-safe since all providers are declared globally and can be accessed anywhere. This means that you can create providers to hold your application state and business logic outside the widget tree.

makes it easier to only rebuild your providers and widgets when needed.


Google Bard~

Bard is a generative AI chatbot powered by LaMDA. Google has just released Bard, its answer to ChatGPT, and users are getting to know it to see how it compares to OpenAI’s artificial intelligence-powered chatbot.

The name ‘Bard’ is purely marketing-driven, as there are no algorithms named Bard, but we do know that the chatbot is powered by LaMDA.


Modern Databases Paradigms

1. PlanetScale

PlanetScale is a MySQL-compatible serverless database that brings you scale, performance, and reliability — without sacrificing developer experience.

With PlanetScale, you get the power of horizontal sharding, non-blocking schema changes, and many more powerful database features without the pain of implementing them.

What is Socket.IO ?

Socket.IO is a cross-browser JavaScript library that provides event-driven communication capabilities for use in real-time applications. It has two parts: a client-side library that runs in the browser, and a server-side library for Node.js.


What is Neo4j?

Neo4j is an open-source, NoSQL, native graph database that provides an ACID-compliant transactional backend for your applications that has been publicly available since 2007. Neo4j is offered as a managed service via AuraDB.

Neo4j is written in Java and Scala, and the source code is available on GitHub.



BharOS is a mobile operating system designed by IIT Madras. It is an Indian government-funded project to develop a free and open-source OS for use in government and public systems. The project aims to reduce the dependence on foreign OS in smartphones and provides the huge leap forward to create an indigenous ecosystem and a self-reliant future.