Heirarchial Consensus by Protocol Labs | Vishal Chandra

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Vishal Chandra
Feb 4, 2023
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Heirarchial Consensus by Protocol Labs

Hierarchical consensus is a novel approach to blockchain scaling that centers on the concept of subnets which are organized hierarchically and can be spawned on-demand to manage new state.

Subnets are firewalled, meaning that a security violation in a given subnet is limited to that particular subnet and its children, with bounded economic impact on its ancestors.

Subnets periodically commit a proof of their state in their parent through checkpoints, and users are able to determine the level of trust over a subnet according to the security level of the consensus run by the subnet and the proofs provided to light clients.

The protocol also supports atomic transactions across subnets, allowing users to migrate state and orchestrate execution in a subnet with a certain level of trust.

Hierarchical consensus provides a secure and scalable solution for blockchain scaling, allowing for incremental, on-demand blockchain scaling and simplifying deployment of new use cases with clearly isolated security domains.

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