Modern Databases Paradigms | Sailesh Verma

Modern Databases Paradigms

1. PlanetScale

PlanetScale is a MySQL-compatible serverless database that brings you scale, performance, and reliability — without sacrificing developer experience.

With PlanetScale, you get the power of horizontal sharding, non-blocking schema changes, and many more powerful database features without the pain of implementing them.

PlanetScale is powered by Vitess, the open-source database technology that was invented at YouTube in 2010 to solve the scaling issues they faced with their massive MySQL database. Vitess went on to become open source as a CNCF project and continues to scale massive companies like Slack, GitHub, and more.


2. NeonDB

Neon is an open-source alternative to AWS Aurora or Google’s Cloud SQL for Postgres. Neon is a serverless, scalable implementation of PostgreSQL that you can run on-premise or try through its managed service.

Neon decomposes the PostgreSQL architecture into two layers: compute and storage.


3. Dolt

Dolt is the first and only SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, merge, push and pull just like a Git repository. Dolt is a version controlled database. Dolt is Git for Data.

Dolt implements the Git command line and associated operations on table rows instead of files. Data and schema are modified in the working set using SQL.


4. SurrealDB

SurrealDB is an end-to-end cloud native database for web, serverless, Jamstack, backend, and traditional applications. SurrealDB reduces the development time of modern applications by simplifying your database and API stack, removing the need for most server-side components, and allowing you to build secure, performant apps quicker and cheaper.


5. FaunaDB

Fauna is a serverless, multi-region database that is accessible through a cloud API. That means that Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting data can all be done within a standard api call. Fauna is one of the most popular upcoming databases on the cloud. It provides amazing flexibility and scalability.