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How to become an approved user?

  1. After you have a verified email address linked with FIFO, in the ‘Accounts’ section of settings page you see a button ‘Request’ to get yourself approved.

  2. This request goes to our admin panel, who has the control for request approval or rejection.

  3. There is a high probability of getting approved if you have added your social media links to your fifo profile handle, and all your social media profiles are up to date with some quality content.

  4. Once your request gets approved, you become an approved user and can start to host paid talks.

What to do if the admin rejects your request?

  • Try enhancing your profile and request again; Also you’ll be getting a rejection message/comment/reason from admin, try working on that.

*To receive payments you need to set up your RazorPay account.

Setting up Razorpay account

  1. To set up your Razorpay account we give you a button Connect Razorpay Account inside the Earning section of settings page.

  2. Clicking this button, you will be asked to fill in your address. On successful submission of address to RazorPay, your account will be created with RazorPay and you will receive an email.

  3. The email will guide you to reset you Razorpay account password and activate payments by completing KYC with Razorpay.

  4. For completing KYC, you need to login you account and open Razorpay dashboard, where you will see Account Activation button on top left.

  5. This button opens KYC form, where you need to fill your:

    • Contact Info
    • Business Overview
    • Business Details
    • Bank Account
    • Documents Verification
  6. All you details are pretty straightforward, but you need to fill your Business Overview section carefully. In this section you will see Business Category and Sub category are already prefilled for you.

  7. Next option will be Business Description, we would suggest you to fill a relevant description like Knowledge sharing platform and an educational website for technology innovators.

  8. At the end you will find an option asking How do you wish to accept payments? Make sure you mark the option Without website/app.

  9. Filling these details as specified by us, will increases your chances of account verification and approval.

  10. Once submitted RazorPay will review your account details. This process usually takes 1-2 working days.

  11. If there is any inconsistency in your details, Razorpay can reject your account or ask you to submit some more details over E-mail or SMS for your verification.

  12. On successful approval, all your payments and refunds will be handled by Razorpay.

How does host earnings work?

  • The host can monetize any room they create.

  • A paid session can be scheduled only after a minimum of 24 hours from the current time.

  • Each ticket can cost a minimum of ₹125 & a maximum of ₹2000 per ticket. The value can be chosen by the host while scheduling the session.

  • FIFO will be charging approximately 10% of every ticket purchase, which includes taxes and gateway fee as well.

  • The complete process takes a time of T+2* business days for domestic transactions, T being the date of capture of payment. *Settlement cycle is subject to bank approval and can vary based on your business vertical, risk factor etc.

Updating paid talks

  • Everything except talk price can be updated/edited for scheduled paid talks.

  • Free sessions can be edited and can be preponed or postponed.

  • Paid sessions can only be Postponed, not Preponed.

  • No talk can be edited just 30 mins prior to scheduled time.

Joining a paid talk

  • Payment for a paid talk can be done from the time of room creation until 10 mins after the scheduled room time.

  • If users have paid for a session, they can join the talk at any time stamp.

  • After the initial 10 mins, no one will be able to pay for the room.

  • The talk which you have paid for can be seen in the Payments section of settings page.


  • Within 7 days, also termed as ‘settlement period’, attendees may claim a refund with a justified reason in case they find any discrepancies regarding the session, after it is closed. After 7 days, no request will be entertained.

  • Attendees can claim refund as it is if anyhow, the session did not get started.

  • Users can claim a refund only 3 times in a period of current and the previous week. If users has already taken 3 refunds for this duration, they cannot pay for any talks rest of the week.

  • The refund will be granted within 7 days of request.

  • On deleting a paid talk by the creator or admin, you will be notified by FIFO notifications and email. In this case you can go to payments tab and claim refund.

  • If a host postponed a talk all the attendees who paid for the talk will be notified by FIFO notifications and email.

  • Payment and Refund Receipts will be sent to you via Email.