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Shalini Chauhan
Dec 19, 2022
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SvelteKit 1.0

Sveltekit has finally reached 1.0. Sveltekit is the most powerful and advance framework we could ever have. Sveltekit is the first full stack framework in this svelte ecosystem to reach a stable release.

These frameworks can do server side rendering, which is always better for SEO. Server side rendering helps alot in reducing load screens as we fetch data before it is sent to the user's browser.


So what makes Sveltekit different from React frameworks like Remix Next Js.

First of all it does not carry the weight of React on its shoulders as a way to render application. Svelte is light and lean. The trick to it is that Svelte is a compiled framework. It does not need to ship the whole library to the browser. Svelte Reactivity is also super simple when you compare it with react hooks.

Svelte does not rely on tricks like suspense or react server components. But Svelte, being small does not mean that SvelteKit cannot compete with more fully featured frameworks. It has the following features which makes it a cutting edge framework.

1. Nested Layouts

2. Mutation with forms

3. Load Function

All in all, I can say that Sveltekit is a framework that can set you up for success. Stay tuned for the next post........

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