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Pages and Layouts in Nextjs-

When building projects with Next.js, we typically create an entire user interface by assembling isolated components. However, some parts of the interface require the same code snippets across multiple routes — for example, the navigation header, footer, and sidebar. To manage this, we use layouts to structure the interface in a way that contains shared code snippets. Next.js recommends starting a new project with the App Router. However, we’ll discuss how to implement layouts and nested layouts with the Pages Router for users who have yet to migrate to the new Next.js routing system.

How to Parse JSON in Dart/Flutter

Parsing JSON is a very common task for apps that need to fetch data from the Internet.

And depending on how much JSON data you need to process, you have two options:

write all the JSON parsing code manually

automate the process with code generation

Encoding and Decoding JSON

When a JSON response is sent over the network, the entire payload is encoded as a string.

But inside our Flutter apps, we don't want to extract the data from a string manually:

Introducing the useLoaderData Hook:

The useLoaderData hook is a custom hook in React that helps you load data into your component. It simplifies the process of fetching data from an API or performing any asynchronous operation.

When you use the useLoaderData hook, you provide it with a function that returns a Promise. This Promise represents an asynchronous operation that will fetch the data you need. Once the Promise resolves, the data becomes available to your component.


Apache Superset is a modern data exploration and visualization platform. It is easy for users of all skill sets to explore and visualize their data, from simple line charts to highly detailed geospatialcharts.

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Programmers should stop believing in ghosts

Use the scientific method to deal with bugs, rather than relying only on your intuition—never assume “ghosts” are influencing your code, infrastructure, libraries, or even making fun of you through the Internet.



Jest is a JavaScript Testing Framework.

Read that again! It's simply designed for JavaScript, not necessarily React!

You could use Jest to test a simple function that returned Hello World from a pure JavaScript function. Or you could use a library like we are going to with React, and test the functions that you write for the results you expect.

What is Storybook?

Storybook is a development environment for UI components that enables you to create and showcase components in an environment outside your main application. This allows you to work on one module at a time and develop entire UIs without the need for a complex dev stack.

MetaTags and Attributes-

Meta tags

Meta tags are HTML tags used to provide additional information about a page to search engines and other clients. Clients process the meta tags and ignore those they don't support. Meta tags are added to the <head> section of your HTML page and generally look like this:

What are React server components?

React Server Components allows the server and the client to collaborate in rendering your React application. Here’s a quick illustration from the React team, showing what the end goal is: a React tree, where the orange components rendered on the server, and blue components are rendered on the client.