Version Control Systems | Divyansh Rai


Divyansh Rai
Oct 24, 2022

Version Control Systems

Version control systems are a category of software tools that helps in recording changes made to files by keeping a track of modifications done in the code.


Why version control system is Important?

As we know that a software product is developed in collaboration by a group of developers they might be located at different locations and each one of them contributes to some specific kind of functionality/features.

So in order to contribute to the product, they made modifications to the source code. A version control system is a kind of software that helps the developer team to efficiently communicate and manage(track) all the changes that have been made to the source code along with the information like who made and what changes have been made.

A separate branch is created for every contributor who made the changes and the changes aren’t merged into the original source code unless all are analyzed as soon as the changes are green signaled they merged to the main source code. It not only keeps source code organized but also improves productivity by making the development process smooth.