The Ethereum Network | Divyansh Rai

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The Ethereum Network

Before diving deeper into the concept of the Ethereum blockchain we first need to get an understanding of the Ethereum network itself which is essential to operate the blockchain.



The Ethereum network is fully decentralized which means that there is no single instance or organization which is operating or hosting the blockchain. Instead the decentralized network is operated by multiple Nodes which are operated independently from each other and are connected over the internet.

So what exactly is a Node? Nodes in the Ethereum network are computers which are connected over the internet with purpose to participate in running the decentralized and distributed Ethereum network. The main tasks of Nodes are:

  • Validation of blocks and verification of transaction data
  • Storage of blockchain data
  • Creating and attaching blocks to the blockchain

A real-time overview of the current Nodes in the Ethereum network can be seen at


The Ethereum Node Tracker website list all Nodes which are running on the Ethereum network at the moment. Here you can get even more insights into the network, e.g. discovering in which countries Nodes are running and how the network structure is changing over time.

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