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Oct 18, 2022

Rich Text Editor

In recent years, the field of Content Creation and Representation on Digital platforms has seen massive disruption.

This transition has shown how companies are racing to build the best experience for content creators in the enterprise domain and trying to find innovative ways to break the traditional molds of sharing and consuming content.

Taking advantage of the massive outreach of social media platforms, there is a new wave of independent content creators using platforms like Medium to create content and share it with their audience.

As so many people from different professions and backgrounds try to create content on these products, it’s important that these products provide a performant and seamless experience of content creation.

Why ?

Plain text documents only support basic, simple text including numbers, symbols, and line breaks.

Plain text files can't save formatting options, such as headings, colors, or text sizes. If you convert another type of document to plain text, it will automatically strip the document of all of these settings.

This inability to support any formatting makes plain text documents very difficult to read, which is why they are typically only used for creating files that software programs and applications need to read.

Rich Text Editor (RTE) is a tool that allows you to add or edit content, images, links, and other components on the page without having to know any code.

It displays the content and any formatting as it would display in the browser.

A rich text editor is an interface or input field for text editing, that includes advanced styling options like heading levels, bold, italic, ▪ bullet points, font typefaces, and text size. You can also embed images, hyperlinks, and other rich media (such as videos) into a rich text editor.

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